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      Southside Water and Sewer
           Service Guidelines
     for New, Expanded or Change
       Water and/or Sewer Service

District Maintenance Supervisor 290-5484


Any property owner wanting to connect to Southside Water and Sewer District’s water and/or sewer system or any present owner wishing to expand or change service beyond that previously approved, must first contact the Southside Water & Sewer District’s Board of Directors by calling the District office at 208-255-1041.

The District’s maintenance supervisor will oversee any water or sewer connections made to the Districts’ system during construction. A service line covered before inspection will be uncovered at the owner’s expense. The maintenance supervisor is required to take photographs of any  connection to the Districts system and will also require the property owner and installer to sign the District’s inspection form before agreeing to cover the connection.

All water and/or sewer hookup (connection) fees are payable in advance and a signed service agreement will be required before service will be granted.

1. Property owners of the District must meet the Districts’ main water  and sewer line at the property owner’s expense.

2. All connections made to the District’s line will be made at the property owner’s expense. This includes all legal fees, easements, engineering, actual connection to the District line and all other expenses.

3. Any new line, including replacement lines, whether it be water or sewer, District or private, must have an insulated #12 braided, stranded tracer wire installed with the line for detection purposes.

4. Each individual residential building must be served by a separate engineered line and service.

5. All work must be completed in accordance with the District’s standard installation drawings and specifications. These are available from the maintenance supervisor or at the District office. In the absence of specific District furnished specifications, all work must meet the requirements of the most current Idaho Standard for Public Works.

6. All costs are the responsibility of the property owner.


1. Extensions, expansions, or changes to the sewer system required to bring the sewer system to within 200’ of the dwelling place (residence, housing tract, mobile home, motel, condominium, or any other dwelling), commercial activity or industrial outlet, shall be funded by the property owner. All extensions, expansion or changes to the sewer system intended for acceptance for ownership by the District, shall be designed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer and approved by the Board of Directors and submitted to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality where required by Idaho Code for approval. Approval MUST be obtained before commencement of the project.

2. A new line by a single family dwelling, requiring a holding tank/pump will be the responsibility of the property owner. Cost of installation and maintenance of the holding tank/pump is the property owner’s responsibility.

3. New connections require the use of a Romac type saddle, if there is no existing connection.

4. New connections require the use of a 3M sensor ring for buried infrastructure location.

5. All sewer-pipe shall be minimum Schedule 40 PVC for pressure or gravity service 4" ABS or ASTM 3034 SDR 35 PVC for gravity installations.


1. Pipe for water service must be the size approved by Idaho Code of no less than 1 inch.

2. The District requires the use of #200 psi HDPE service line from the District’s main. ALL fittings and connectors MUST be brass or stainless steel.

3. 4’ (four feet) cast iron water shut off must be installed.

4. Meter requirements. All new water hookups require a water meter. The meter will be installed on the property owner’s side of the shut off valve. The meter required is a SENSUS model SR2 TR/PL (1000 gallon read). An 18" to 42" riser yolk is required for the meter depending on depth. Finished installation depth of the meter should be approximately 18" to 22".

5. After the installation of the hook-up, the District assumes ownership of the line from the main up to and including the meter.