Ordinance 08-01

Appendix A-Rates

Appendix B-ERU Schedule

Resolution 10-01

Ordinance 10-02 LID

Ordinance 18-02

Resolution 10-04

Service Guidelines

Service Agreement

Ordinance 19-01 Crossflow

Service Connection Agreement

 Checklist for Installation of
 Sewer and/or Water Connections

1. All new construction must have a current Bonner County Building Location Permit (BCBLP). Existing structures must meet current Bonner County Zoning Requirements or have a valid variance permit.

2. Water and/or sewer hookup fees must be paid prior to installation. If the property is in an LID area, LID assessments must be current.

3. All work must be completed in accordance with the District’s standard installation drawings and specifications. These are available from the maintenance supervisor 290-5484 or at the District office, 208-255-1041. In the absence of specific District specifications, all work shall meet the requirements of the most current Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction.

4. Call Before You Dig - 811 or 1-800-626-4950

5. Installation in the County Road Right-of-Way requires a permit from the Bonner County Public Works Department. 208-255-5681

6. All construction that will become part of the District’s system must be inspected by the District maintenance supervisor, or the District’s engineer, prior to being covered. If work is backfilled prior to inspection, the District will require that the backfill be removed so the connection can be inspected. The maintenance supervisor must be given 48 hour prior notice when inspections will be needed

7. Landowners must guarantee for a period of one year, those portions of the system turned over to the District after installation. The property owner at his expense must repair any defects in materials and workmanship found during the warranty period.

8. The property owner is responsible for all service charges billed by the District for continuance of this service.

9. All extensions, expansion or changes to the sewer system intended for acceptance for ownership by the District, shall be designed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer and approved by the Board of Directors and submitted to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, where required by Idaho Code, for approval. All approvals MUST be obtained before commencement of the project.