Ordinance 08-01

Appendix A-Rates

Appendix B-ERU Schedule

Resolution 10-01

Ordinance 10-02 LID

Ordinance 10-03-Rates

Resolution 10-04

Service Guidelines

Service Agreement

Ordinance #15-01

APPENDIX A Ordinance 10-03

(This supersedes all previous amendments of Appendix A to Ordinance 08-01)

APPENDIX A Ordinance 10-03

1. Monthly Sewer Charge  $54.60

2. Monthly Water Charge  $33.60

The basic charge is for the first 12,000 gallons of water.

The excess charge is $1.25 per 1000 gallons.

3 Monthly Water Charge (Non User) $4.00

4 Special Users

Springy Point Campground (US Corp of Engineers)
sewer only (per month) $163.80

      5 Commercial Accounts. Charges are listed in Appendix B
         for sewer services.

     Sewer-Seats x.08
     Water–Seats x .045

                  Sewer-Seats x .033
                  Water–Seats x .0123

6 Continuous Charges. Once a unit goes on line for sewer and/or water monthly charges will apply regardless of occupancy. Monthly sewer charges may be discontinued only after the dwelling/building has been removed. Monthly water charges will continue to apply until the meter has been removed after which a non user charge will apply.

7 Disconnect Charge. A charge of $35.00 will apply to a disconnection or a reconnection of service. A one time charge of $40.00 will apply to customers requesting water service to be turned off and on for their convenience.

8 Delinquent Payment Penalties

Payments more than 30 days past due are delinquent and will incur a late charge of $20.00, and $20.00 for each month, thereafter.

9 Hook-up Charges

                       Water $5,000.00

                      Sewer $ 500.00 
                          Connection per ERU

Connection charge for sewer is due and payable upon the District’s authorization as required for a Bonner County Building Location Application Permit within the District.

10. Equity Buy-in:  $11,000.00 per ERU.

A $6,000 credit is given to the properties participating in the 1995 LID No.1.

Upon proof of purchase
a credit will be given to any non LID participating
property for a ‘hook-up’ that was purchased prior to the LID.