Ordinance 08-01

Appendix A-Rates

Appendix B-ERU Schedule

Resolution 10-01

Ordinance 10-02 LID

Ordinance 18-02

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Service Guidelines

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Ordinance 19-01 Crossflow

                ORDINANCE 18-02
                 APPENDIX A
               Revision of Ordinances
        08-01 & 09-02 & 11-02 & 12-01 Appendix A 

                    APPENDIX A Ordinance 18-02
(This supersedes all previous amendments of Appendix A to Ordinance 08-01)

All accounts are based on the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) schedule of Appendix B

       1.  Monthly Sewer Charge

       2.  Monthly Water Charge .........$35.60

               The basic charge is for the first 12,000 gallons of water.

               The excess charge is $1.25 per 1000 gallons.

       3.  Monthly Water Charge (Non User)......$4.00

       4.  Special Users
Springy Point Campground (US Corp of Engineers) 
                Sewer per month $434.70

       5.  Commercial Accounts.
Charges are listed in Appendix B for sewer services. 
estaurants Sewer - Seats x .08
                               Water - Seats x .045
Lounge/Tavern Sewer - Seats x .033 
                                   Water - Seats x .0123

6.  Continuous Charges.
               Once a unit goes on line for sewer and/or water
               monthly charges will apply regardless of occupancy.
               Monthly sewer charges may be discontinued only
               after the dwelling/building has been removed.
               Monthly water charges will continue to apply until the
               meter has been removed after that a non user
               charge will apply.

      7.   Disconnect Charge.
A charge of $35.00 will apply to a water disconnect
                or reconnection of service by the District.
                 A charge of $20.00 will apply each time a customer
                 requests water service to be turned off or on for their
                convenience.  Mothly base water rate will still be 
      8.   Delinquent Payment Penalties.
Payments more than 30 days past due are delinquent
                 and will incur a late charge of $20.00, and $20.00 for
                 each month, thereafter.
      9.   Hook-up Charges.

                 Water...... $5,000.00 + Cost of Meter & Reader

                 Sewer..... $500.00 Connection per ERU

             -Hook up charge for
sewer is due and payable upon
              the District’s authorization as required for a Bonner
              County Building Location Application Permit
              within the District.

      10. Sewer Equity Buy-In              $11,000.00 per ERU.
A $6,000 credit is given to the properties participating
              in the 1995 LID No.1  
Upon proof of purchase a credit
              will be given to any non LID participating 
property for a
              ‘hook-up’ that was purchased prior to the LID.
      11.  Accessory Dwelling (ADU)
             Water Hookup Fee:                   1/2 ERU $2,500.00
              Sewer Hook up Fee:                  1/2 ERU $5,500.00
              Sewer Connection Fee:              1/2 ERU $250.00 

              Monthly Sewer Service Charge       1 ERU $62.10 
              Monthly Water Service Charge        1 ERU $35.60

      12.  Guesthouse. 
              No hookup fee for water and/or sewer.
              No monthly service charges for water and/or sewer