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April 30, 2019

Dear Southside Water & Sewer Customer:

The Southside Water and Sewer Board held a public hearing on March 20, 2019 to consider Ordinance #19-01 regarding the implementation of a Backflow and Cross Connections policy. This policy is being implemented per the regulatory requirements from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality stating that the program is to be in place for every water system in Idaho. Following the public hearing the Board unanimously adopted the resolution. A copy of the ordinance is available for review on the District’s website.

A cross-connection is defined as any connection between a public water system and another water source through which it is possible to introduce contamination from the outside source to the public system. Some common examples include in-ground sprinkler systems, boiler type heating systems, fountains, livestock water troughs, wells, and directly connected hot tubs.

A backflow prevention device is required on the cross-connection. A test is required each year by a qualified tester to ensure no connection will contaminate the District’s water system. If you do not have a cross-connection to the District public water system, please notify the District in writing so our records can be updated.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact a licensed testing service to schedule backflow prevention device testing. You must make sure the District receives a copy of the test report showing the device passes these tests.

The District asks that you send a copy of the test results showing compliance (or written notification certifying that you have no such connections) by June 15, 2019. Please email test results to the District at, or you may mail them to P.O. Box D, Sandpoint, ID 83864.

This annual effort is needed to maintain your water quality. Thank you for you participation.



Julia MacDonald

Southside Water & Sewer District

(208) 255-1041

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