Asphalt Batch Plant


Asphalt Batch Plant Informatio

Concerned patrons attended the January 16, 2019 Board of Directors meeting and requested that we provide some links regarding the proceedings of the Asphalt Batch Plant that is planned to be moved to the Linscott Gravel Pit on Pit Road in Sagle.

Below are some additional links. This is not all inclusive but we wanted to help our customers stay informed. Our participation in this is purely to inform, not to influence or to state an opinion.

Bonner County Public Hearing Minutes -  March 22, 2019 (copy & paste to your browser)

Below is a link to the hyrdogeologic study that JUB Engineers performed in 2001 on the Southside/Sagle Aquifer which is the drinking water source for the Southside Water and Sewer District. Also, a link to a follow-up study performed by the IDEQ in 2008 which formed the basis for wellhead protection efforts in the area.