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Southside Water and Sewer District

P.O. Box D, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


Waterlife Discovery Center, 2100 Lakeshore Drive, Sagle, ID 83860

November 15, 2017

Called to order at 2:00 p.m. Roll call: Chairman Haynes, Mike Mooney, Dianna Erickson, and Brent Sleep. Operators: Doug Bopp and Brad White, and Accountants: Stephanie Sherman and Julie MacDonald. Guests present: Don Hutton and Kass Larson.

Agenda:  The agenda was unanimously approved following a motion from Ms. Erickson seconded by Mr. Sleep.  

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for October 18, 2017 were unanimously approved as submitted following a motion from Ms. Erickson seconded by Mr. Sleep.

Public Comments: Mr. Don Hutton and Mr. Kass Larson were introduced as interested in the open Board position. Mr. Hutton has lived in Bonner County since 1993 and has been previously involved with the fire districts. His career was a marine engineer and has familiarity with mechanics and feels this is an asset to the District. Mr. Larson recently moved into the District about a year ago but was raised in the area. He owns a company and works out of the home and is looking for ways to be involved in his community. He served on arts community Boards in the past when living in Colorado and feels this experience is an asset. Chairman Haynes thanked them for their interest and let them know that the Board will deliberate and get back to them.

Water Reclamation Report: The Board reviewed the water reclamation report for October 2017 provided in conjunction by the Operators and Chairman Haynes. The lagoon levels remain at very good levels. According to the reclaimed water application table we over applied for the month of October, however, the annual allotment has not been exceeded.  We need to ensure monthly compliance moving forward because the newer methodology is more precise and requires careful coordination. The Accuweather statics are becoming less and less reliable and the District may need to invest in their own measuring technique. Operator White indicated a partnership with a weather company whereby the District exchanges use of our land for reliable statistics.

Treasurer’s Report and IFP: Ms. MacDonald presented the financial report for October. Mr. Mooney would like to reexamine fees because the District is falling behind financially on the operational side. Chairman Haynes said that is best considered at Budgeting time of year but the District will continue to carefully watch this year’s Budget. Ms. MacDonald then went over the current Sewer Hookup status, Pending Connection list, and the Water Consumption report.  Ms. Sherman then presented the preliminary CIP budget for FY17-18.

Maintenance Report:  Operator White reported rebuilt carbon filters at the Lodge following smell complaints, started winterization of land app site. Washed four lift stations and had an aerator malfunction at the lagoon. They installed the backup aerator (additional repairs were identified and made on the wiring). Operator White presented a $2,695 estimate on repairing primary aerator. The operators completed the draw down test on the wells and relayed the information to the engineers. The Operators created a video of how-to steps to winterize the Land App Pivot for District posterity. Several tasks were completed during the month including: Small lift station on Lakeshore repaired from root infiltration. Inspected the remaining small lift cleaned grease trap on 30th at Lakeview Lodge. Longbridge Grill cleaned their own grease trap a few weeks before Lakeview Lodge and Operator Bopp didn’t have a chance to evaluate the process or results. It is getting harder to locate vendors willing to help pump grease traps due to disposal concerns. Installed the power box for the Farmin lift station. Completed land application site soil samples and submitted to the lab for testing. The efforts on the Emergency Response Plan continue and will be brought to the Board prior to submission to USDA. New tubes were installed on the new wells. Still need to do the sampling of the new monitoring wells. The south well did not need to be cleaned but the other ones were cleaned by H2O as part of their scope of work. Operator White double checked high water users personally to double check for potential leaks. Received a fresh carbon shipment so more carbon filters will be refurbished. Operators met with a representative from Frontier to assist with hooking up the new dialers. Estimated $25/month per additional dialer and will continue to investigate the most cost effective methods for the district. The lift station at Wagstaff house serves only their house. Currently the property runs the electricity for the station and Operator Bopp recommends turning the lift station ownership over to them since it doesn’t serve any other District members. Brisboy Road line continues to have smell concerns and Operator Bopp feels that the long-term fix will probably need to be a sealed, pressurized, and dedicated line but the engineers will need to be consulted for appropriateness and cost-estimates. The Brisboy Road issue will be added to the Agenda for next month for discussion with the engineers.

Engineering Report:  The engineers were unable to attend the Board meeting. Paul Klatt was available by phone but the Board did not opt to call but did review the provided written report which included:

Monitoring wells update. Water Facility Plan update based on the shallow well drawdown/pump test which revealed that both shallow well pumps cannot run simultaneously for more than a few minutes without drawing the water level down below the pump intakes, therefore, a new supply source should be the first project priority to keep the recommended storage requirements lower. The WFP has been finalized at this point and a PDF of the final plan will be submitted to DEQ. Lakewood – Greenwood dip has been repaired.   Operator White indicated that the Plan of Operation and the Quality Assurance Project Plan is underway but does need significant updates. He feels that the District should be able to meet the January 1st deadline for compliance with the Reuse Permit.


Agenda Items:


  • ICRMP Policy Updates:  Ms. Sherman will continue to update valuations as part of the audit process and capital improvement projects evaluations.
  • Quality Assurance Project (QAPP) and Plan of Operations (PO): As indicated in the Engineering Report above, these efforts are underway and will meet the January 1st deadline.
  • ADU Ordinance Rework:  The use of the term “routinely occupied” is being reviewed by the Attorney, James Diehl. Chairman Haynes will get the attorney’s recommendations and present options for changes to the ordinance wording if needed.
  • Check Signer Authorizations:  Bill Jones and Susan Shea are to be removed as signers and Dianna Erickson, Vice-Chairman, is to be added as signer.
  • New computer: ratification of email vote for new office computer purchase. Unanimous.
  • Jim Allen’s request for service: The property is within the District and Mr. Allen wants to do a land division for 3 lots instead of one. Panhandle Health District needs a will serve. Mr. Allen is requesting two additional hook-ups in addition to the one that is currently in use. Capacity concerns were discussed to ensure equitable services for all within the District. Mr. Sleep questions whether the District should be restricting development of land when all other criterion have been met and the properties are already located within the District. After discussion the Board opted to provide a will-serve letter for the additional hook-ups as indicated in the request from Panhandle Health District.
  • Operator White’s health insurance renewal: a review of health insurance premium quotes revealed that a continuation of the existing policy is the most cost-effective policy available to ensure continuation of current level of coverage despite the increase of about $300 per month. Operator White reminded the Board that the discussion on dental insurance has not been completed and feels is a condition of his employment. To date he has been paying out of pocket. He would like the Board to consider reimbursement of expenses or the institution of dental insurance. Mr. Mooney let the Board know he reviewed the employment agreement and indicated that his view of the agreement was to be comparable to other local employers and the majority of the employers require employees to pay about 20% but the District has opted to pay 100%. Mr. Sleep feels that Operator White’s current rate of pay is comparably lower so providing benefits should off-set. After discussion, the Board agreed to continue the existing health insurance premium, with the premium increase. Operator White has been directed to present a reasonable approach to dental coverage for the next Board meeting. The Board agreed to pay $407.00 of the current invoice for Ms. White’s recent dental work.
  • RCO Transition Plan: the Operators have made progress organizing the shop and cross-training continues. Effective January 1st Operator Bopp will revert to contracted employment and report to Brad White with reduced hours. Operator Bopp’s historical knowledge will also be utilized in the office recording to files for posterity. Operator White feels comfortable handling the District repairs should he be left on his own and will continue to strengthen his paperwork reporting/tracking.


Adjournment:  A motion by and second were made to adjourn the regular meeting of the Board of Directors at 3:43 pm.  Motion carried unanimously.   

Respectfully Submitted                                                   


Stephanie Sherman, Julie MacDonald                              




Jim Haynes                                                  

Chairman of the Board