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Southside Water and Sewer District

P.O. Box D, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


May 16, 2018 

Call to Order and roll call: Chairman Jim Haynes opened the meeting at 2:00 pm and a roll call confirmed that Brent Sleep, Dianna Erickson, Mike Mooney and Kass Larson were also present. 

Others Present: Operators Brad White and Doug Bopp and Treasurers Julia MacDonald, Stephanie Mueller-Sherman and John Austin, and Engineer Paul Klatt.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the April 18, 2018 meeting were unanimously approved as submitted following a motion from Mr. Mooney, and seconded by Mr. Sleep.


Water Reclamation Report: Chairman Haynes discussed issues related to the report, included Mr. White stating the level of the lagoons was within DEQ allowances.

Treasurer’s Report: The Board heard from Ms. MacDonald for the month of April, the seventh month of the FY 2017-18 fiscal year. She presented the monthly and year-to-date totals, with a comparison to the current budget. She then displayed an update of the capacities of the system and delinquent accounts. Ms. MacDonald also provided a capital projects update, which led to a discussion on which projects to fund and at what amount. The issue of the reuse app site was brought forward from New Business as Mr. White discussed a plan for the site. He said phase 1 would be done to provide water so lines wouldn’t have to be moved four times per year. The Board approved up to $20,000 to bury a line and install taps for phase 1 as part of the $27,000 moved from the #10 Pump Station line item.  Mr. Mooney then discussed his rate study (from Old Business) and the split of costs from water and sewer (attached). His current analysis shows a needed increase of over $15.38 per month, or a 28.2% increase. Mr. Austin explained to increase that much would require a public hearing, which Chairman Haynes stated could be done in conjunction with the budget hearing in August. Mr. Austin also stated the increase could be phased in over multiple years, to lessen the immediate impact on sewer users. Mr. Sleep also questioned the ERU count, particularly for the Springy Point Campground and the sushi bar at 41South. Chairman Haynes directed staff to write a letter to each entity requesting more information about their patronage.  
Maintenance Report: Mr. White discussed activities during the month, including maintenance issues including meter reading with Mr. Bopp and doing nearly 40 locates. He started up the pivots on May 4th and there were issues with the equipment that Mr. Bopp helped him addressed. He also stated he must utilize another area for the land app as he’s already applied over 2.2 million gallons.

Engineering Report: Mr. Klatt discussed the attached, including that they had met with Mr. White and Mr. Bopp on the GIS maps. JUB will incorporate all the revisions and provide map books and electronic copy of information to District as soon as they receive one last set of redlines from Doug Bopp. The Board also discussed funding issues for the water system improvements in the amount of $931,000 at 1.75% interest for 30 years. He also stated the next step on the #10 lift station would be to decide if the Board wanted to re-bid the project or have JUB help in any way for a simpler pump replacement approach with smaller grinder pumps and standard electrical panel that District operators have been trying out on other stations. Brad White agreed to provide specification on the new pumps and panel for JUB to review for suitability.

Old Business:

ADU Ordinance Rework and Update: Chairman Haynes stated he has tried to contact counsel and still received no response.  He said he’d ask the attorney if he’d recommend a new attorney.

Group Policy Update: Mr. Mooney stated there would be no additional one-group policies available, so unless there are others it won’t work.

Cross Connection Control Program: Mr. Larson gave an update, including the tasks to complete and the types of crossflow equipment (attached).

New Business:

Winter Overage Request for Waiver: Melia De La Fuente sent a letter of request for her overage based on a leak that did not enter the sewer system (attached).  After discussion, the Board directed staff to waive the fee.

Lift Station Safety Protocol: Mr. Sleep stated a contractor of the District died recently while working on a lift station in another District. OSHA recommends having 3 workers available when working on a lift station. He said he is allowing Mr. White to use his safety harness, and that the District can acquire grates to improve safety.  Ms. MacDonald stated in the meantime there’s been no response on finding a helper for Mr. White. 

Grants for Fencing around the Spring Area: Mr. Klatt was asked to see if there are funds for fencing around the wells.  Mr. White stated it’s a Homeland Security issue via DEQ.

Adjournment: A motion by Mr. Mooney and second by Mr. Sleep was made to adjourn the regular meeting of the Board of Directors at 4:49 pm. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted and Approved:

Jim Haynes    
Chairman of the Board          

Stephanie Sherman, Julie MacDonald, John Austin