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Southside Water and Sewer District

P.O. Box D, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


January 17, 2018


Call to Order and roll call: Chairman Jim Haynes opened the meeting at 2:00 pm and a roll call confirmed that Brent Sleep, Mike Mooney and Kass Larson were also present.

Others Present: Operators Doug Bopp and Brad White and Treasurers Stephanie Sherman, Julia MacDonald and John Austin and Paul Klatt, Engineer from JUB.  Guest was Tim Cahill.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the December 20, 2017 meeting were unanimously approved as submitted following a motion from Mr. Mooney, and seconded by Mr. Sleep.

Public Comments: Mr. Cahill asked to discuss an issue under Old Business, so the issue was brought forward by Chairman Haynes.

Old Business: Waterview Lane and Hubbard Lane – Bank Erosion/Stabilization.  The Board discussed the issue with Mr. Cahill.  Mr. Sleep noted it is difficult to ascertain the breadth of the issue with the snow cover. Mr. Cahill asked if he could do some of his pond line drainage work across the sewer line easement on his property, which Mr. Sleep said he thought would help the situation. Mr. Cahill will request an easement variance to do the work on his property while the ground is still frozen. Mr. Sleep discussed alternatives to protecting the sewer line that may be possible with additional study of the site.


Water Reclamation Report: Chairman Haynes discussed the report for December (attached), which shows low levels, likely from low precipitation.

Treasurer’s Report: The Board heard from Ms. Sherman for the month of December, the third month of the FY 2017-18 fiscal year. The Board discussed her concerns about the level of the District cash balance, to the point where she will need to draw money from the State Pool for the first time in recent months.  This led to a discussion of raising rates, mostly on the sewer operations side. 

Mr. Mooney asked to see a graph on the issue. Chairman Haynes stated he’d like to see an analysis over the last three years, and staff’s recommendation on a rate structure.  After discussion, the Board directed staff to move $20,000 from the State Pool.  Ms. MacDonald then presented the monthly and year-to-date totals, with a comparison to the current budget. She then displayed an update of the capacities of the system and delinquent accounts. Ms. MacDonald also provided a capital projects update. The Monitoring Well project and Water Facility Plan are complete and the funds budgeted can be moved to other projects.

Maintenance Report: Mr. White and Mr. Bopp discussed issues during the month, including that a commercial laundry in the District could be contributing to accumulation issues in the lagoon.  They noted they’re using more chlorine than in the past, so there are issues that are happening.  Mr. Bopp stated the best solution would be to aerate the lagoon when the weather allows.  Mr. Klatt stated it might be time to dredge the lagoon and it would be best done when others in the area are having the same done. Mr. White stated that he pulled a pump at the Murphy station, serving five houses, and that there were issues with the control panel.  The Board discussed replacing pumps, which would include the control panel, which may be better than buying parts for the existing pumps. Mr. White provided estimate of $5500.00 installed and reasons for upgrading the Gas chlorinators and regulars because they are outdated and new parts are scarce. The Board then discussed Mr. Bopp’s role in the District, noting they’re required to schedule an executive session to discuss some employment issues.  Mr. Bopp said he has to get his contractor’s license in order to get liability insurance. He stated he would like to work two to three days a week moving ahead, based on what Mr. White needs. Mr. Sleep said it would helpful if Mr. White could get some relief on weekend phone calls, for an on-call fee. The other possibility would be to use Bob Hanson for on-call purposes.

Engineering Report: Mr. Klatt reported on several issues (attached), including the issues of monitoring well testing, which discovered a coliform hit on the new East Well in November of 2017. H2O is responsible for disinfecting the well and will arrange with staff to do so. He also discussed the reuse permit and annual performance report. A Letter of Interest was sent to IDEQ requesting an extension of the existing loan allocation for the water system construction funding. He then discussed the wastewater system facility plan and on January 11, 2018, a letter of interest for a wastewater planning grant from IDEQ was submitted.  There was nothing new to report on the sewer system GIS or #10 lift station.


Old Busines (continued):

QAPP and Plan of Operation Update: Ms. MacDonald gave an update on the progress of these permit compliance items and stated IDEQ granted an extension until the end of January.

ADU Ordinance Rework: Chairman stated he has contacted the attorney but he has failed to respond.

Olson Road Water Hookup: The Board discussed removing this item for now.

Employee Manual Amendment: (attached) Mr. Sleep made a motion to amend the policy to change the holiday schedule to add the “Friday after Thanksgiving”. Following a second by Mr. Mooney, the motion was approved unanimously.

New Business:

Bill Brown Note: The Board discussed the liability to Mr. Brown, which can now be classified as an asset, since the 15-year agreement (with extensions) has expired. The board was in agreement to discharge the obligation to bill Brown as of October 1, 2016 as stated in Resolution #10-06.

Transfer Reserve to O/M: This was discussed during the Treasury Report.

Farmer License Agreement Discussion: The Board discussed the agreement with Daniel Wood, the farmer on the land application site.  The farmer wishes to till the land for a new crop. Mr. White addressed concerns with the new crop and the amount of applied recycled water not being conducive to getting the seeds to take. The Board directed staff to work with Mr. Wood on any agreement issues and suggestions to wait until the new 15 acres are ready for application before tilling, in order to offer better control of how much recycled water is going to be applied to the new crop.

Green Acres Sewer Line Variance:  Mr. Bopp stated that the land owner would like a formal variance agreement on record, for the encroachment on to the sewer line easement that was agreed on in the past, for a now existing structure. Ms. MacDonald stated that she hasn’t found anything on record in the customer file. Board directed staff that we will need a variance request with a site map for review.

Operator Wage increase: The Board discussed the increase to $23.10 per hour, based on the agreement with Mr. White and directed staff to make that happen as of Jan. 1st.

Ordinance Review for New Hookup Fee and Service Fees: Mr. White discussed the need to have a process on which the District is notified by the county of building applications. Mr. Haynes will look into approaching the county to reiterate our needs for the District.

Pend Orielle Clean Water Alliance Board Member Appointment: Mr. Haynes explained the history and framework of POCWA. After discussion, Mr. Sleep volunteered to represent SWSD.

Work Hours: Mr. White asked about his on-call time, and when does he go on and off the clock. He stated he could round everything to the quarter-hour. After discussion, the Board agreed to consider the issue with a proposal but to go from the time he leaves his house until he returns. Mr. Mooney will look into the County Policy for guidance.

Adjournment: A motion by Mr. Mooney and second by Mr. Sleep were made to adjourn the regular meeting of the Board of Directors at 4:44 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted and Approved:



Jim Haynes , Chairman of the Board


Stephanie Sherman, Julie MacDonald,                                                                 

& John Austin, Secretary/Treasurers