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Southside Water and Sewer District

P.O. Box D, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

January 16, 2019



Call to Order and roll call: Chairman Jim Haynes opened the meeting at the Waterlife Discovery Center at 2:00 pm and a roll call confirmed that Brent Sleep, Dianna Erickson (via phone) and Kass Larson were also present.

Others Present: Operator Brad White and Treasurers Julia MacDonald, Stephanie Mueller-Sherman and John Austin and Paul Klatt, Engineer. Guests were Doug Bopp, Eric and Patti Brakken, and Alex Murray 

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the December 12, 2018 meeting were unanimously approved as submitted following a motion from Mr. Larson, and second by Mr. Sleep.

Public Comments: Mr. Brakken discussed the asphalt plant approval and if the Board had any comments.  Mr. Sleep stated it was a hard deal for the District, even though there are supposed to be safeguards for the water source.  The District engineer had not reviewed other aspects, like dust control, storm water and traffic impacts but didn’t have any known concerns of impacts to the water source. The engineer was instructed to follow up with DEQ for further information.  Mr. Murray discussed the approved company, and their known violations in their home country. Mr. Brakken asked if the Board would consider notifying the District’s members of the issue, so they will be aware of the potential impact.  The Board directed staff to put the information on the District’s website.


Water Reclamation Report: Chairman Haynes presented the report and there was no discussion.  Mr. Larson asked if he could look at the historical records of the reports, and Chairman Haynes said he would forward that to him.

Treasurer’s Report: The Board heard from Ms. Mueller-Sherman and Ms. MacDonald for the month of December, the third month of the FY 2018-19 fiscal year. Ms. MacDonald also provided the 1st quarter capital list for review. She also presented the monthly and year-to-date totals, with a comparison to the current budget. Pertaining to the backhoe on the capital list, the Board previously approved the purchase, but to clarify it for the auditors, Mr. Sleep made a motion, seconded by Mr. Larson to approve the purchase of the backhoe.

Maintenance Report: Mr. White discussed activities during the month, including maintenance issues he had worked on. The Board then discussed the issue of weekends that Mr. White is on call, directing him to bring options back to the Board.  They also directed that Ms. MacDonald send a letter to Water Systems Management about their December bill and the understanding of future services to be provided.

Engineering Report: Mr. Klatt presented the Board with the attached, including and update on the 2018 Reuse Site Annual Report, water system and wastewater construction funding, and the sewer system GIS. 

Old Business:

Cross Connection Control Program: Mr. Larson stated he spoke with the District’s attorney about creating an ordinance, which should be ready at the next meeting.

PAS – Authorization for Additional Services: The Board heard from Ms. Mueller-Sherman about the attached agreement, which is specific to various operations in addition to the current agreement with PAS.  After discussion, the Board approved the document, not to exceed $5,000, beginning February 1st.

New Business:

Operator Wage Increase and Vision Insurance: After discussion, the Board approved the wage increase for the operator to $26.00 per hour and to include vision in his insurance package, following a motion by Mr. Larson and second by Mr. Sleep.

Additional Signers on the bank accounts: The Board approved adding Mr. Sleep to the bank account as a signer, following a motion by Mr. Larson and a second by Ms. Erickson.

Adjournment: A motion by Mr. Sleep and second by Mr. Larson was made to adjourn the regular meeting of the Board of Directors at 3:51 pm. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted and Approved:


Stephanie Sherman, John Austin                                                                          

Julia MacDonald - Secretary/Treasurers   


Jim Haynes - Chairman of the Board