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Southside Water and Sewer District

P.O. Box D, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


August 16, 2017

Call to Order and roll call: Chairman Jim Haynes opened the meeting at 2:00 pm and a roll call confirmed that Brent Sleep, Bill Jones, Mike Mooney and Dianna Erickson were also present.

Others Present: Operators Doug Bopp and Brad White and Treasurers Stephanie Sherman, Julia MacDonald and John Austin and Chris Horgan and Paul Klatt of JUB Engineers.  Guests were Glenn Harvey, Thomas Caputo and Lou Goodness.

First, Mr. Caputo, from 50 Olson Rd, discussed a desire to get district water at his house, which he is remodeling. He has been paying the non-user water fee for years. After discussion, the Board stated they would work hard to determine the best way to get water to the property. Mr. Caputo stated that he is still working with the contractor on his remodel so he doesn’t need an immediate resolution but would like to know something by spring of 2018.

Next, Mr. Harvey discussed the well issue in the water facility plan.  He asked Mr. Bopp how long the pump ran down by the deep well.  Mr. Bopp stated the current pump ran around 15 years, 4 hours per day.  He also discussed other issues from the facilities study, including fire flows and capacity issues. Chairman Haynes stated that alternative #2 calls for a new deep well to help deal with Mr. Harvey’s issues.  Mr. Sleep stated Mr. Harvey should get a written proposal from their engineer on the cost of the deep well, before the Board can consider his suggestion that the plan has too much funding for the well. Mr. Goodness stated the District could propose for another engineer to construct the project, via Idaho Code 67-2320 to determine qualifications. Mr. Klatt stated the District can solicit for engineers (on a qualifications basis, not a cost basis) but the original solicitation, after which the District selected J-U-B,  called for completing the Water System Facility Plan with an option for utilizing the selected firm for related projects. Mr. Harvey asked if the District could just do the well now, for a proposed bid of $10,000 instead of the $180,000 for the well in the facility plan.  Mr. Goodness stated he would leave his written comments; in summary, he would like the Board to table all of the improvements in Alternative #2 with the exception of the well, and to get quotes from engineers on the well.  Mr. Mooney stated the District doesn’t want to go to the funding source (including possibly an LID) more than once.  Mr. Goodness replied the District should fund the well from reserves, and not use the LID process.  Then the District could see how the system functions before pursuing the other elements of the plan.  He then stated the District has paid over $50,000 this fiscal year to JUB and that didn’t include the grant funding for the facility plan.  Mr. Klatt stated there are six elements in Alternative #2, for $1.293 million, not Alternative #4 that Mr. Harvey and Mr. Goodness are referencing.  Mr. Austin read the minutes from July in which the Board approved Alternative #2.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the July 19, 2017 meeting were unanimously approved as submitted following a motion from Mr. Jones, seconded by Mr. Mooney.

Agenda Items (Old Business):

Pubic hearing on the FY 2017-18 Budget: Charmin Haynes opened the public hearing on the budget.  With no comments to come before the Board, the Board unanimously approved the FY 2017-18 budget (attached) following a motion by Mr. Mooney and second by Mr. Sleep


Water Reclamation Report: Chairman Haynes discussed the report for July. He noted all things looked good, and remarked the precipitation was only 0.1” for the month.

Treasurer’s Report: The Board heard from Ms. Sherman for the month of July, the tenth month of the FY 2016-17 fiscal year. The Board discussed the monthly and year-to-date totals, with a comparison to the current budget. She then displayed an update of the capacities of the system and delinquent accounts. Ms. Sherman also provided a capital projects update. Mr. Austin noted the District will likely be over budget in the general fund, on account of budgeting last year for one operator while in fact the District has employed two for the better part of the year and because maintenance costs ($92,547) have already exceeded the budget of $53,000.  He stated the District should amend the budget for the overage at their September meeting.

Maintenance Report: Mr. White discussed the water issues, including work on pumps at a lift station. He stated he is concerned there is no way to know the level of the reservoir, and recommended a monitor for it to indicate when it is low.  Chairman Haynes directed staff to get a proposal on the costs. On sewer issues, there was air in a suction pump on the lagoon, which he and Mr. Bopp cleared. He also noted he walked the line from the lagoon to the land application site and questioned whether there is an easement.  Mr. Sleep noted he thought there was a 10-foot easement on each side of the line. Ms. Sherman stated staff would check into the issue.  He said he has been exercising valves, including hydrants. He said a lift station went down and he was able to repair it.  He then discussed the need to understand inventory levels and Mr. Bopp would assist him on that. He then stated he is removing trees from the dike, as they can damage it. He discussed how the new 208 area code requirement led to an overflow at one of the lift stations when a dialer failed to report a problem. There was a small clean up and all lift station dialers are updated with the 208 requirement.

Engineering Report (attached): Mr. Horgan reported on several issues (attached), including an update on monitoring wells and the water facilities plan

He also discussed the Lakewood-Greenwood waterline, and the #10 lift station (bids are currently being solicited), and stated there was no action on the reuse permit or the sewer system GIS.

New Business:

Next, Ms. MacDonald presented an engagement letter for audit services for Williams and Parsons, which the Board authorized the Chairman to sign.

Next, the Board heard from Chairman Haynes on the Paterson hookup. The Paterson’s paid an administrative fee in 2010 but did not do the hookup.  Ms. Sherman said the District could waive the $500 fee despite the timeframe. After discussion, the Board directed staff to waive the fee.

Adjournment: A motion by Mr. Mooney and second by Mr. Sleep made to adjourn the regular meeting of the Board of Directors at 4:11 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted and Approved:


Jim Haynes    

Chairman of the Board  


Stephanie Sherman, Julie MacDonald                                                    

John Austin, Secretary/Treasurers