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Southside Water and Sewer District

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April 18, 2018 

Call to Order and roll call: Chairman Jim Haynes opened the meeting at 2:00 pm and a roll call confirmed that Brent Sleep, Dianna Erickson, Mike Mooney and Kass Larson were also present.

Others Present: Operators Brad White and Doug Bopp and Treasurers Julia MacDonald and John Austin. Guest was Dan Staglund.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the March 21, 2018 meeting were unanimously approved as submitted following a motion from Mr. Sleep, and seconded by Mr. Larson.


Members of the Public: Next, Dan Staglund asked about a hookup to the water system (New Business item) on Waterview Lane, which was moved up for discussion. SWSD provides a non-user water hookup to a neighboring property that lies surrounded by properties that Mr. Staglund owns and he stated someone wanting to hook up to the water on this property should go through him because he said he maintains the water line that may be used to access water service to this neighboring property so it involves him. Chairman Haynes said if the District could get water delivered to this property the owner would likely get served by the District, and there likely would not be a hook up fee because the owners have been paying a non-user water fee. After discussion, it was recommended that Mr. Staglund work with the property owner to allow access to his water line if the property owner wants to be hooked up to the District’s system.


Water Reclamation Report: Chairman Haynes discussed issues related to the report, answering Mr. Sleep’s questions on the level of the system. Mr. White stated the level is about normal and that they would likely begin to land apply.

Treasurer’s Report: The Board heard from Ms. MacDonald for the month of March, the sixth month of the FY 2017-18 fiscal year. She presented the monthly and year-to-date totals, with a comparison to the current budget. She then displayed an update of the capacities of the system and delinquent accounts. The district brought on 4 new patrons in the month of March. Ms. MacDonald also provided a capital projects update where two new pump and panel projects were added. After discussion, the Board directed staff to bring budget shifts on capital line items to the board prior to making adjustments to the project distributions. Mr. Mooney then discussed his analysis with staff on allocating costs between water and sewer (attached, from Old Business). He noted the biggest issue is depreciation. He noted 90% of depreciation is for sewer and that creates issues with the rates. Overhead is allocated by the percentage of revenue for both water and sewer, which shows a large amount is expended on sewer. He concluded that rates should be adjusted for the FY 2018-19 budget. Mr. Sleep then commended the work that has been done on the study.

Maintenance Report: Mr. White discussed issues during the month, including maintenance issues, including dealing with a chlorine issue that was resolved. He stated trees were removed from the land application site and the pump and panel upgrade at the Nicks and Murphy stations were in progress. He brought up the Bottle Bay bike path project and the location of the main sewer line in the area. The Board then directed staff to do a locate on the line near Glenn Harvey’s condo project. He concluded by discussing the deficiencies in the system and the process to correct them.

Engineering Report: In the absence of the engineers, the attached was presented to the Board by Chairman Haynes, who noted the monitoring well sampling is due in April.  The Board also discussed funding issues for the water system improvements, with LIDs and other sources of funding mentioned as a potential source of funding.

Old Business:

Waterview Lane & Hubbard Lane – Bank Erosion / Stabilization Update: Mr White presented an update on the state of the erosion and staff was directed to contact the owners for an update on their engineering plans.

ADU Ordinance Rework and Update: Chairman Haynes stated he has tried to contact counsel and received no response.

Farmer Agreement: The Board ratified the contract with Steve Barnhart for preparing and harvesting the land application site.

Group Policy Update: Mr. Mooney stated he will have an update for the Board next week.

Cross Connection Control Program: Mr. Larson gave an update but the issue remains determining how many users are affected and to educate the patrons.  The Board directed staff to continue to research policy and determine the next step to implement it for public safety reasons.  

New Business:

Setting Preliminary Budget Timeline: Ms. MacDonald stated the dates for the budget process. After discussion, the Board directed staff to prepare a preliminary budget for FY 2018-19, and have it for a public hearing in August.

Seasonal Worker Discussion: Mr. White asked about getting seasonal help for projects in the District. Mr. Mooney asked that staff come up with a task list for the helper. Mr. Sleep said he would meet with Mr. White on the issue of finding the appropriate worker.

Compensatory Time Rules: The Board heard from Ms. MacDonald on how to calculate the on-call hours and its impact on overtime.

Will Serve Letter for Mr. Sleep’s Project: Attached is the description of the project, and the Board directed Chairman Haynes to sign the letter.

Adjournment: A motion by Mr. Mooney and second by Mr. Sleep was made to adjourn the regular meeting of the Board of Directors at 4:38 pm. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted and Approved:


Jim Haynes - Chairman of the Board 


Julie MacDonald, John Austin