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Southside Water and Sewer District

P.O. Box D, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


February 16, 2017


Call to Order and roll call: Chairman Jim Haynes opened the meeting at 2:00 pm and a roll call confirmed that Vice-Chairman Bill Jones, Brent Sleep, Mike Mooney and Dianna Erickson were all present.


Others Present: Operator Doug Bopp and Treasurers Jessie Roe and John Austin.  Chris Hogan of JUB Engineers was also present as was guest Jim Allen.


Addition to the Agenda: Mr. Sleep moved and Mr. Mooney seconded his motion to add an item for an executive session per Idaho Code 74-206 (1)(a) to consider hiring a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent. Chairman Haynes noted it wasn’t added within 48 hours because the Board wasn’t notified of the need for the Session. Motion passed unanimously.


Approval of Minutes: The minutes for the January 11, 2017 meeting were unanimously approved as submitted following a motion from Ms. Erickson, seconded by Mr. Jones.




Water Reclamation Report: Chairman Haynes discussed the report for January.  He noted all things looked good as of January 31, 2017 and as he has been out of town he will update the Board further at the next meeting with a formal report.


Treasurer’s Report (attached): Ms. Roe presented the financial report for January, the fourth month of the FY 2016-17 fiscal year. They discussed the monthly and year-to-date totals, with a comparison to the current budget. She also displayed an update of the capacities of the system, user fee accounts receivable and delinquent accounts. Ms. Roe then presented the audit for FY 2015-16, which she will bring back to the March meeting for approval after the Board has had time to review it.


Agenda Item:


The Board then heard from Mr. Allen about a will serve letter on the Jeff Parisian Property. After discussion, including the specifics of hooking onto the system, the Board directed staff to issue a will serve letter upon official written request of Mr. Allen.


Reports (continued):


Maintenance Report: Mr. Bopp reported water usage was up, likely because of a large leak and from users keeping their water on during the cold weather. He noted there was one frozen meter at the Thompsons due to improper insulation and lack of use, which he repaired. There was also a failed water line that took place at 2461 Lakeshore Dr. Mr. Bopp called the Rooter Guys in from Hayden and they dug up the line and made the repairs. As for Mr. Bopp’s ongoing project at Sunset Bay, he has completed the control panel and is now ready for inspection from the state which takes place on February 21st. Pertaining to sewer, he said he has been transferring water from the lower to upper lagoons since February 1st. He said there has been infiltration to the system, due to the amount of rainfall currently received and what is anticipated over the next few weeks. One customer has been working on their pressure sewer line, which has been frozen since mid-December, but expects some resolve now that they have hired a company to remediate the problem. This last month has been filled with lots of plowing.


Engineering Report (please see attached): Mr. Horgan reported on several issues, including the bids received from H2O Well Service and Environmental West for the Groundwater Monitoring Well project. United Crown, the other contractor who received a bid solicitation request, opted out of submitting a bid. Physical copies of the contract documents, as well as CDs with electronic files, were delivered. Next, Mr. Horgan talked about some amendment paperwork received from Idaho Department of Water Resources for the District to sign regarding Water Right Permit No. 96-08812. This paper must be signed to receive the appropriate licensing for the deep well source. Next, Mr. Horgan presented the 2016 Annual Reuse Report. He supplied physical copies to be kept in the District office as well a CD to ensure storage electronically. He also noted that the District needs to be aware that some testing requirements have changed with the new reuse permit that took effect January 1, 2017. For example, the testing requirements for total coliform have increased to a minimum of 56 samples per year when pumping from the lower lagoon to the upper lagoon. A total of 44 coliform samples were collected in 2016. He also suggested the District update our vendor who performs the testing with a copy of the new permit. A revised set of plans for the #10 Lift Station Upgrade project was provided to Mr. Bopp for review and comment.



Old Business:


The Board then accepted the low bid on monitoring wells, per Mr. Hogan’s report.


The Board then got an update from Ms. Roe on communications with Accurate Testing and directed Mr. Hogan to provide a copy of the reuse permit to Accurate Testing.


Agenda Items (continued):


Mr. Bopp discussed two new possible ADUs (Additional Dwelling Units) on existing accounts, including previous issues over the years the District has dealt with. After discussion, the Board directed Mr. Bopp to research the issue further and for staff to send a letter to each party to open up conversation with their customers.


The Board then discussed the Records Retention Policy (attached), which the Board accepted as District Policy.



Executive Session:


As added to the agenda: the Board adjourned the regular meeting at 3:37 pm and voted to convene an executive session per Idaho Code 74-206 (1) (a) to consider hiring a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent. Roll call: Chairman Haynes aye, Mr. Jones aye, Mr. Mooney aye, Ms. Erickson aye, Mr. Sleep aye.


New Business:


The Board adjourned the Executive Session at 4:56 pm and decided to direct staff to add a topic to Old Business at the March 8 meeting to include ‘Responsible Charge Operator’


Adjournment: With no further business to discuss, a motion by Chairman Haynes and second by Mr. Sleep was made to adjourn the regular meeting of the Board of Directors at 4:59 pm. Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted and Approved:



Jessie Roe & John Austin                                       



Jim Haynes

Chairman of the Board